News about Q1.6

We aim to keep you well-informed about the latest developments related to Q1.6. Below you will find articles on our newest features and other news, as well as the clinical reports that confirm the usefulness of our Q1.6 app in research and patient monitoring.

News on Q1.6

Q1.6 is part of the IDERHA CONSORTIUM that aims to aid Clinical Decision-making for Lung Cancer Patients.

Q1.6 proudly announces that we are part of the IDERHA CONSORTIUM. This consortium aims to integrate health data across Europe to aid clinical decision-making for lung cancer patients.

We will be instrumental in empowering our consortium partners and medical professionals by amplifying the patient’s voice through meaningful interactions.  With our state-of-the-art technology linked with sensors for health monitoring, Q1.6 will play a crucial role in the field of patient-facing interactions, efficiently gathering PREMS and PROMS, while also monitoring patients remotely to deliver valuable declarative and behavioral patient data.

Q1.6 validates the digital version of the EQ-5D-5L quality of life questionnaire against the gold standard paper-based version

Study participants and patients often perceive (long) questionnaires as burdensome. In addition, paper-based questionnaires are prone to errors such as (unintentionally) skipping questions or filling in a wrong type of answer.

Such errors can be prevented with the emergence of mobile questionnaire apps. Recent research findings highlight the Q1.6 app’s credibility in measuring quality of life, mirroring the accuracy of the paper-based EQ-5D-5L, with the added advantage of reduced response burden.

Trial reports

Q1.6 generates systematically response rates of over 90%. The trial reports below are examples of the effectiveness of the Q1.6 app in research and patient monitoring. 

Response rate of 96% in 90 days

Telemonitoring of gout flares in 29 patients yielded a 96% response rate in 90 days, which demonstrates how the Q1.6 app can aid research and clinical trials.

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Response rate of 92% in 14 days

Patient-reported outcomes of 229 Inguinal Hernia patients were measured, leading to a response rate of 92% in 14 days. This proves the usefulness of our app for patient and complication monitoring.

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Innovative tool for perioperative pain monitoring

This study found that our Q1.6 app is an innovative tool for perioperative monitoring of pain and recovery. It eliminates previous limitations of classical measurements such as a large heterogeneity, retrospective data recording and different forms of bias.

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Reliable tool for quality of life measurement

225 participants reported their quality of life during 5 consecutive days. This study shows the Q1.6 app is a reliable tool for measuring quality of life, comparable to the paper-based EQ-5D-5L, while reducing the response burden.

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