Patient insights in 1.6 seconds

Q1.6 is pushing the boundaries of clinical trials and remote patient monitoring by leveraging our innovative patient communication system. We achieve average patient response rates of over 90% by keeping the dialogue concise and effective. Q1.6 strives to make this percentage the new standard for meaningful patient engagement to boost patient insights.

Explore the future of patient interaction with Q1.6.

Q1.6 gets answers

Our app makes patient interaction easy and non-invasive. When patients unlock their phones, a simple question pops up and disappears immediately after it has been answered. Short yet effective.

The key to our success? Questions show up only periodically and should not take more than 1.6 seconds to answer. Discover the importance of those 1.6 seconds in the video.

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Benefits of Q1.6

Pharmaceutical industry

Our Q1.6 system consistently delivers impressive patient response rates of over 90%, capturing a comprehensive insight into patients’ experiences, motivations, and actions.


Our real-time and longitudinal data helps hospitals prevent or resolve complications in patients’ treatment and save time by avoiding unnecessary appointments and questions.


Patients appreciate the efficiency of our app, which increases the likelihood that they will respond to questions. Knowing that hospitals are monitoring their health gives them peace of mind.

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“Q1.6 is making a patient response rate of more than 90% the new industry standard. Not only for individual protocols, but also for continuous data monitoring.”

Filip Vissers, co-founder of Q1.6

Q1.6 takes patient insights to the next level

with these 2 services:

Q1.6 Research

  • Q1.6 has extensive expertise in clinical trial phases 1, 2 and 4. Our system can also be used as a critical component in the execution of phase 3 trials.


  • Our app has already supported research in Neuroscience, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Orthopedics, Oncology etc.


  • Q1.6’s focus areas include validated questionnaires, pain and sleep scores, medication and sample reminders, sensors, wearables, and more.

Q1.6 Monitoring

  • We are highly skilled in remote patient monitoring, pre-screening, lifestyle adaptation and patient empowerment.


  • The Q1.6 app provides support for a wide range of therapeutic areas such as Bariatric, Colorectal, Hernia, Orthopedic, Infection monitoring and more.


  • Q1.6 helps you reduce hospital length of stay (LOS), improve patient experience, monitor complications (infections, abnormal pain etc.) and facilitate hospital re-admissions.

Q1.6 holds ISO27001 certification, and its Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant with ISO13485 standards.   

Our features

Real-time data transfer

Real-time data transfer is vital in remote patient monitoring. Q1.6 enables the early detection of health anomalies, timely interventions, and the provision of up-to-date longitudinal insights for informed decision-making. Additionally, our real-time data enhances healthcare efficiency, resource allocation, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

Patient empowerment

Q1.6 prepares patients for their patient journey with the right information at the right time. The informative pages, sound files and videos yield patients who are well-informed, experience less stress and have a better overall experience (measurable with PREMs).

Sensors & Wearables

Q1.6 can link with numerous 3rd party sensors and wearables through Apple Health, Google Fit, etc. to receive extra data. This additional input can prompt our app to ask patients more questions, so healthcare providers gain an even better understanding of their patients’ current condition.

Therapy adherance

Q1.6 offers patients reminders for both study medication in clinical trials and any current medications. This benefits patients and healthcare providers, as we can use the feedback from these reminders to prompt refills and analyze the data to reveal correlations between therapy adherence and patients’ declared health.

Integration with validated questionnaires and AI libraries

We have scientifically proven Q1.6’s efficiency with validated questionnaires. Our data stream can also be enriched by incorporating data from sophisticated libraries for monitoring activities, sleep, and travel. Furthermore, we can capture patient voice recordings, which can then be processed by voice analysis software to detect various mood parameters.

And much more...

Q1.6 can enhance healthcare in multiple ways, including:

  • patient pre-screening,
  • reducing no-shows,
  • minimizing clinical trial drop-out rates,
  • facilitating the sharing of infection images,
  • sending notifications about potential complications,
  • offering comprehensive overview dashboards for both healthcare providers and patients,


…and much more.