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Q1.6 is rooted in science

A Stanford University study discovered that people get annoyed if their phone takes more than 1.6 seconds to start working after unlocking it.

The idea for Q1.6 was born.

Because this essentially means that you have 1.6 seconds to interact with users without being perceived as intrusive. We decided to start asking patients 1 simple question every once in a while. Simple, short, and non-intrusive.

10 years later, our app has a patient response rate of over 90%. This is nearly unprecedented.

As a result of these high response rates, we have helped hospitals and pharmaceutical companies gather important patient data, and we have helped patients with their treatments.

We are committed to keep improving patients’ health outcomes through careful patient interaction with custom questionnaires, and we strive to improve our system with every project.

Q1.6’s mission 

By amplifying patients’ voices, we support our partners and medical professionals to improve the approach to healthcare and their patients’ well-being.

Q1.6’s vision

At Q1.6, we specialize in crafting innovative patient dialogue systems that set a new standard: achieving an impressive 90% questionnaire compliance ratio.

Q1.6’s goals

Our dedicated team aims to enhance patients’ health outcomes by assisting as many patients as possible and providing valuable data to empower healthcare professionals. By redefining how patients interact remotely with their healthcare providers, we establish meaningful and convenient connections. We focus on developing innovative strategies and technologies that prioritize patient privacy and minimize disruptions to their daily lives.

Guillaume De Decker - Q 16 CEO 3
Guillaume De Decker CEO
With close to two decades of valuable experience in leading pharmaceutical and medical companies, Guillaume guides the company’s overall direction, vision, and strategy. His swift communication style and business acumen drive our organization forward.
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Filip Vissers - Q 16 Co-founder 3
Filip Vissers Co-founder
A veteran business brain who is always looking for the next big challenge, Filip has been with Q1.6 since 2016. His passion and expertise have taken major projects to new heights. Filip keeps fine-tuning our Rule-based Engine to surpass all expectations.
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Bob Van Looveren - Q 16 CTO 3
Bob Van Looveren CTO

Bob oversees our mobile and web development roadmap, ensuring a smooth and non-intrusive experience for all patients. In previous roles, Bob has designed  IT and software infrastructure for a multi-million business.

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“By amplifying patients' voices, we support our partners and medical professionals to improve the approach to healthcare and their patients’ well-being.”
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Software developer

We are looking for a passionate SW developer to join our product development team. Our platform consists of native android and iOS apps, and a web back- and frontend.